Year: 2014

Some Gettysburg Pictures

I’ve uploaded the first two sets of pictures from my Gettysburg vacation: Photos from the town of Gettysburg Photos of Devil’s Den – one of the day two battle sites There will be a lot more pictures to come

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That’s Just Great

Well, I start a new blog page, put up an entry, and then I disappear for almost three weeks. That will make for some really strong SEO. One excuse is that I was on vacation – so maybe I should

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Cmon Carlos!

It’s only the fourth inning, but Carlos Carrasco is out-pitching Ubaldo. Carrasco has the arm to be a good pitcher, but so far he hasn’t proved that he has a brain to be a pitcher. If he can be turned

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Hello World again

This website has been lying fallow for a long time. I finally decided to do something about it, so I loaded Word Press on to the site. After all, what else is there to do on a Saturday night?

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